Rusanda Spa

Rusanda SPA – Melenci


The rich and spacious village of Melenci is situated in the middle Banat, at the crossroads of main roads Belgrade-Zrenjanin-Becej and Belgrade-Zrenjanin-Kikinda, 16.5 km south-west of Zrenjanin.

Rusanda Spa is located in the close vicinity of the village, in the pine, black locust and linden woods, at 82 m above sea level of altitude.

Rusanda Spa - Melenci

It was named according to its natural curative capacities. Namely, the name comes from “Turkish word melem (mehlem) meaning – cure, since it is supposed that in the times of Turkish rule there used to be a sanatorium in this place”.
It is believed with certainty that the waters the alleviating and curative properties of the water and mud from the bed of Lake Rusanda that spreads along the Spa in the length of about 4 km, were known in the 19th century as well.

Curative water and mud from the bed of Lake Rusanda

The evidence of that are the first preserved documents of chemical analyses made in 1866 in the “Josef Imperial Academy in Vienna that incited, in the same year, founding of the shareholding association for converting Melenci Lake into the bathing area. The research work by the Vienna experts of the time that had continued for ten years, validated beyond doubt that the water and mud from this lake contain, in considerable amounts, the following:

  • sulphuric acid
  • sodium
  • sodium sulphates
  • sodium carbonate
  • magnesium and
  • calcium.

Such a chemical composition provides the curative properties that placed Rusanda Spa into the same rank with the famous spas of the time – Marienbad and Francesbad. Only a year after obtaining of the first chemical analyses of the water and mud, a Spa was opened in Melenci under the name of Rusanda on May 20th, 1867.

However, the Spa had its thriving time as a picnic site and sanatorium only in the thirties of the 20 century. Even today, the mineral mud prepared in combination with the muriatic, alkaline and saline lake water is included into the most curative ones in the country: it has been applied very success-fully in curing of many diseases.
In the course of its 130-year old existence, the Spa has developed so that today the Special “Rusanda” Hospital is the promoter of the medical function in the area. Here, a team of specialist doctors and other medical staff use modern diagnostic-therapeutic procedures (from kinesis and work therapies to electric, acupuncture and laser treatments) in rehabilitation of the patients, both in dispensaries and in health offices, and of other spa guests, among which are often the sportsmen preparing for competitions.
The whole Spa complex is situated in the woods on the bank of a lake, covering more than 100 ha, which soothes the daily temperature oscillations, making the stay in the Spa more pleasant. The guests can count on water sports and picnics to Zrenjanin, Becej, “Fantast” – the famous castle, stud farm of Becej, Torda Spa, or to Ecka, the well known fish-breeding ponds and hunting grounds… If you find yourselves in Rusanda in June, on the second day of the village feast – the St. Trojice (The Holy Trinity), you will be able to attend a unique parade of horse wagons. Since 1992, and in accordance to the old custom, the villagers of Melenci organize the “Coach Parade” festivity, with about 100 fiachres, carriages, coaches and carts, with almost 300 thoroughbred horses.